From grey to color with Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen


About the tutorial
In this tutorial I’ll be showing you the steps I take when making a line drawing into a finished
illustration. I’ll be going fairly quickly through the different stages trying to explain my thought
process along the way. Since most of the tutorial is time-lapsed you should not expect too many
technical tips and tricks. But hopefully, after watching me stumble my way through to a finished
image, you will get the courage to start coloring your own work!

The illustration in this tutorial was created for which is a non-profit organization that helps provide art supplies to children’s hospitals.

About Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen
Kristoffer is a character animation student at The Animation Workshop (TAW), currently interning
at Style5 Animation in Toronto as the final part of his bachelor degree. Kristoffer’s main interests
are visual development and character design.

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